About TIF’s e-Academy

One of the main pillars of the work of TIF towards realizing its mission for establishing equal access of every patient around the world to quality health, social and other care, is its educational programme. This is a programme which has gained through the years since its establishment in 1986 international recognition for its value, and contribution in education and awareness in the field of haemoglobin disorders, and one for which TIF can safely claim that it has had and continues to have a measurable impact on a global basis. The educational programme was until 2011 comprised of three pillars: (1) organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings on a national, regional, and international level; (2) the preparation, translation, and distribution of publications free-of-charge; (3) development of academic and training courses.

This electronic educational platform constitutes a huge step forward into TI’s mission to promote national advocacy in all affected countries. The TIF 2.0 – the leap into the digital era - allows TIF to reach out to the global patient community and enable, through education and capacity building, every patient wherever he or she may live transform himself/ herself into an expert advocate of his/her disease. The focus on patient and family education has been an ongoing activity of TIF since its establishment.

The Thal e-Course

An important addition to this programme, in more recent years and more specifically in 2011, has been the creation of the Expert Patient component of the programme. The name self-explains the aim of this component: the transformation of patients into expert individuals regarding their disease and its needs and into competent, meaningful, and equal partners in all actions discussed or taken that relate to their disease and affect their health, their quality of life, and their rights as patients.

Scope and aims:

The overall aim is to improve and enhance the experience of the learner. The grand challenge is to empower the learner with knowledge and skills to navigate and meaningfully interact with the vast wealth of available educational resources as well as connecting with other learners. Consequently, the learner is encouraged to adopt active learning using self-directed, personalized collaborative learning web-based environments.

The e-Thal Ed for Medical Specialists

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For some introductory information, please consult the TIF website.